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      Paper Finder Paper Finder
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      is a directory of fine papers for the printing industry in nada. We are not a paper company. We regret that we will not be able to answer any questions about papers or the paper industry outside nada.
      The nadian Paper Finder talogues and cross references the extensive variety of commercial printing papers available from paper merchants across nada. It also gives specific information on different paper grades, their characteristics and uses. Chlorine-free, recycled, and laser-compatible grades are noted.
      Reading the Symbols
      At the top of each listing is a legend of symbols. Symbols appearing beside a brand name in the listings indite additional information about that specific paper line.
      Alkaline/Neutral PH.
      This means the paper line is an alkaline paper. Synthetic sizing and precipitated lcium rbonate fillers have been added to pulp to produce the paper, making it less acidic. The advantages are high opacity, smoothness, brightness, and a paper that will last longer than a non-Alkaline brand.
      Process Chlorine Free.
      This refers to recycled paper grades. It means that though the waste fibre used to make the recycled grade may or may not have been bleached with chlorine for its original use, there was no chlorine used the second time around in making the recycled grade.
      Paper lines with this symbol beside them have met U.S. EPA recycled paper standards.
      Paper lines with this symbol beside them have met nadian recycled paper standards, and have the right to rry the EcoLogo. nadian standards are more strict than EPA standards.
      Envelopes Available.
      This means matching envelopes are available for this paper line.
      Web Rolls Available.
      This means the paper line is available in web rolls.
      Laser Compatible.
      This means the paper line n be used in laser printers and photocopiers.
      This means the paper line n be used in inkjet printers